CNC machining 5-axis

On a 5 axis machining center, several sides of a workpiece can be machined in one setting.

Possible with our machine tools:

  • Take5 - 5-axis machining center
  • GOFuture-BX - 5-axis machining center

Selected workpiece examples on a 5-axis machining center

Maschinentypen 5-Achs Bearbeitungszentren

Take5 - 5 axis machining center

Turning-milling center for 5 axis machining on main and counter
spindle and simultaneous complete
machining of high-precision, complex workpieces

GOFuture BX - 5 axis machining center

5 axis turning-milling center ideal for finishing complex workpieces. Flexible automation enables economical production even for small and medium batch sizes.