GOFuture BX - mill turn center

turning- milling center for 5-axes machining
In the development of the GOFuture BX mill turn center, we have placed great emphasis on combining our tried and tested lathes, with their proverbial precision, with the requirements of a modern 5-axis milling center. The result is a CNC turning and milling center that is ideally suited for both small and large series production. Thanks to the innovative combination of quickly and precisely exchangeable linear blocks for the turning tools and the tool changer for the milling spindle, the mill turn center can be retooled very quickly and flexibly without losing any of its precision and rigidity.

A wide variety of turning spindles with spindle diameters from 26 to 42 mm with radial and axial run-out down to < 0.7µm and speeds up to 8,000 rpm in conjunction with a wide variety of clamping systems for powerful but also sensitive clamping of the workpieces.
Sensitive clamping of the workpieces is available for the CNC turning-milling center. Y-axes extend the application possibilities of the turning-milling center in machining and additionally reduce the set-up times since the fine adjustment of the tools at center height can be carried out via the NC axes of the machine tool itself.

The GOFuture-BX turning-milling center can be automated either via Benzinger's own loading and unloading equipment with the shortest possible workpiece change times or separate robot cells. The attachment of a bar feeder also enables complete machining from the bar.

State-of-the-art controls from Siemens and Fanuc with various programming options complete the overall package of this mill turn center.

Workspace - GOFuture BX turning-milling center

workspace turning milling center for 5 axes machining
The linear tool design of the turning-milling center offers maximum stability and the shortest chip-to-chip times. In conjunction with the Y-axis, the turning tools are arranged in several rows one above the other. Up to 15 static tools can be set up in this way.

The HSK-32 milling spindle with up to 35,000 rpm offers space for a further 12 tools with its tool changer and rounds off the turning-milling center.

100x tool changer in the turning- milling center

Turning-milling center meets robot - the perfect automation concept