mµFuture - lathe

Due to its design, this turning machine is ideally suited for maximum precision with small to medium component dimensions. The mµFuture lathe series is, among other things, ideally suited for hard turning of the most precise workpieces and can be expanded to a highly productive lathe / grinding machine by the additional installation of various grinding spindles.

Thus, a wide variety of turning spindles with radial and axial run-out down to < 0.3µm and speeds up to 15,000 rpm are available in conjunction with a wide variety of clamping systems for sensitive clamping of the workpieces in the CNC-turning-machine.
All variants of the mµFuture lathe can be automated either via Benzinger's own loading and unloading equipment with the shortest possible workpiece change times, or separate robot cells. The attachment of a bar feeder to the turning machine also enables complete machining from the bar.

State-of-the-art controls from Siemens with various programming options complete the overall package of this lathe.

Version B1, B5