Take5 - 5 axis machining center

The Take5 is equipped with a mill turn center. Due to its design and the innovative and compact arrangement of the machining units, meets the highest requirements for the precision of the components to be manufactured and at the same time can be used very flexibly. Thus, this turn-mill center is ideally suited for the machining of complex components with high demands on component accuracy.

A wide variety of turning spindles with spindle openings from 32 to 42 mm with radial and axial run-out down to <0.7 µm and speeds up to 8,000 rpm are available in conjunction with a wide variety of clamping systems for powerful but also sensitive clamping of the workpieces in the mill turn center.

Y-axes extend the range of applications of the turn /mill center in machining and also reduce the set-up time for fine adjustments of the tools at center height can be carried out via the NC axes of the machine tool itself.
The Take5 mill turn center can be automated either via Benzinger's own loading and unloading equipment with the shortest possible workpiece change times or separate robot cells. The addition of a bar feeder also enables complete machining from the bar.

State-of-the-art controls from Siemens with various programming options complete the overall package of the turning and milling center.

Working space

An HSK40 milling spindle with up to 30,000 rpm in conjunction with its tool changer with 52 stations is used on both the main and counter spindle in the turn-mill center. Simultaneously to the machining with the milling spindle, work can be carried out on the other turning spindle with the turret. The turret with shank size VDI 25 has 16 individually driven stations and can optionally be equipped with an additional Y-axis. The Take 5 turn-mill center offers the perfect combination of turn and mill in one machine.

A high-precision version of the turret interface for the VDI 25 holders in the turn-mill center is available to optimize setup time. The reproducible repeat accuracy when inserting the tool holder is well below 0.01 mm. This means that tools in the holder can be measured externally and time-consuming readjustment in the turn-mill center is no longer necessary.