Four C - diamond measuring machine

diamond measuring machine - fourc
The FourC jewellery machine stands for, automatic sorting and measuring of gemstones.

In order to set gemstones such as diamonds as well as baguette and princess cut stones, fully automatically on the 5@light or 5@work jewellery machines, their exact outer dimensions must be known. In a specially developed process, the FourC jewellery-making machine measures the gemstones and then magazines the stones individually in special pallets. The measured values of each individual stone are stored. The magazines and the measurement data of the gemstones are then processed accordingly in one of our 5@light or 5@work machining centers.

In addition to measuring and magazining the stones, the FourC jewellery machine can be used for sorting (i.e. calibrating) as well. In this case, the stones are measured and classified in previously freely definable size divisions.

In this way, an exact overview of the respective number and size of the gemstones in stock can be obtained very quickly and easily.