GOFuture BX

In the development of the machine GOFuture-BX, we have placed great emphasis on combining our well-proven turning machines, with their proverbial precision, with the requirements of a modern five-axes milling centre. The result is a solution that is perfectly suited for small-lot producers as well as for large-scale producers. Tool changing can be completed very quickly and flexibly due to an innovative combination of the fast and precise changeable linear tool blocks for turning tools and the tool changer of the milling spindle. Thereby the machine doesn't lose its precision and stiffness.

Various turning spindles with spindle capacities from 26 to 42 mm, with concentricity and axial run-out up to < 0,7 µm and spindle speeds up to 8.000 rpm are available in combination with a wide variety of clamping systems for strong but also for sensitive clamping of workpieces.

Y-axes increase the field of applications of this machine and additionally reduce set-up times because the tools can be fine adjusted to their centre height using the machine's NC-axes.

The GOFuture-BX can be automated by Benzinger's own loading and unloading devices with shortest workpiece changing times or by separate robot cells. The use of a bar feeding system enables complete machining from the bar.

Modern control systems from Siemens and Fanuc with various programming options complete the overall package.
The linear tool system offers maximum stability and shortest chip-to-chip times. In combination with the Y-axis, the  turning tools are arranged one above the other in several rows. Up to 15 static tools can be installed in this way.

The HSK-32 milling spindle with up to 35.000 rpm offers with its tool changer space for another 12 tools.

Machine meets robot - the perfect automation concept

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