The 5@work, a 5-axes machining centre, was specially developed for the special requirements of the watch and jewellery industry.

Due to its design and its axle arrangement, this 5-axes machining centre offers a great deal of freedom and possibilities which aren't possible with conventional milling centres. No matter wheter rings, bangles, jewellery or watch parts, any surfaces are diamond milled, engraved, guilloched, facetted etc. or in combination with our FourC, gemstones are set fully automatic.

Automatic workpiece loading and unloading devices, tool holder magazines

in various sizes, turning operation and many other equipment details make the 5@work a highly productive and flexible machining centre in the watch and jewellery industry.

Using specially developed, parameterised CNC programmes coupled with special user interfaces, these machines can be programmed and operated easily and intuitively. With our additional CAD-CAM-package Benzinger Creative, various designs for milling and stone setting can be directly designed and constructed in the CAD. Using the CAM-module, these designs are then converted directly into the 5-axis milling programmes for the 5@work.