DOLittle TKR - lathe

With our ring turning center implemented inside the DOLittle TKR turning machine, wedding rings are entirely bright turned inside and outside on the smallest footprint.

The ring blanks are loaded and unloaded either manually or fully automatically.

The highest demands on surface finishes are paramount. For example, the use of diamond tools enables glossy surfaces to be achieved even during turning.

The DOLittle TKR CNC turning lathe thus combines maximum flexibility and productivity in a very compact footprint.

These turning lathe machines can be programmed and operated effortlessly and intuitively via specially developed, parameterized CNC programs paired with specific user interfaces.
DOLittle TKR working space - lathe
mill lathe machine do little tkr
DOLittle TKR - lathe with loading and unloading device
mill lathe machine do little tkr