Benzinger Smart-Industry 4.0

Man-machine communication, digital networking and intelligent machine controls are all about the term Industry 4.0. With the new Benzinger
"Smart Panel" we offer the ideal basis for you digital future. The preconfigured CB apps allow access to your documents (drawings, machine documentation, setup plans, etc.). They remind of maintenance and allow access to your internal network as well as to the internet.



The NC operating display offers the familiar operating convenience of the NC control on the BENZINGER Smart Panel. For more flexible and efficient work, the NC control display can also be displayed at the same time together with BENZINGER apps in various screen splits.

User Management

User management is used to clearly identify the user and, in conjunction with an access system, controls access to your machine and protects against access to unauthorised machine functions.


With this app you have direct access to all the important documents you need to operate, programme and maintain your BENZINGER machine. The operating instructions and additional documents are available through this app. In addition, you can easily add your own documents and drawings in PDF-format to your favorites, which you need directly at the machine. These can be stored on the network or on hard disk. Thus, all information is always available parallel to the operating display of the machine.

Internet Browser 

With the internet browser "Google Chrome", to display websites, you have the opportunity to access preconfigurable websites. Thus, the operator can select useful information, such as data of tools, directly from the internet.

Operating Interface

The specially developed user interfaces s support the comfortable and efficient operation of your BENZINGER machine. Machine-specific operating processes are thereby significantly simplified.

Tool Measuring

High precision manufacturing processes require a high degree of setting accuracy. This requirement was sold by the use of modern, integrated visualisation systems. For comfortable measuring of tools, the camera image is available parallel to the operating display of the machine.

Process Monitoring

The control of the manufacturing process is essential for high-precision manufacturing processes. This can be realised by using modern, integrated image processing systems. For visual monitoring, the camera image is always available parallel to the operating display of the machine. Possible uses of the camera application:

-          Control of type and position of blanks before processing

-          Aligning of workpieces

-          Process monitoring

-          and much more        

Tool Analytics

With the VNC tool Nordmann you have access to tool monitoring by Nordmann. Consequently you have the option to display the Tool Monitoring at any time parallel to the operating display of the machine.

VNC Interface

This VNC tool enables you to view and operate your specific application on an external computer (PC). This means that you can access external applications directly at the machine without affecting the performance and availability of the machine control system.

Service Agent

The Benzinger "Service Agent" supports you in maintenance and servicing of your Benzinger machine. All maintenance and servicing work is stored with an interval time. An overview of all tasks, with the time left up to the respective date, enables you to plan the service work in good time. For pending maintenance and servicing work, a notification is made on the NC operating display. You can additionally store your own maintenance and servicing tasks in the Service Agent. If you want, the service agent will inform you by e-mail about upcoming tasks.


For an efficient service in case of malfunction, the BENZINGER remote maintenance solution is available worldwide. It enables our service staff to assist you with the diagnosis via remote access. The remote access can only be carried out after release and initiation by the machine operator.


  • 24 inch screen
  • Electronic Key System
  • USB and network connections
  • Keyboard (optional)
  • with many useful apps