AMB 2022 - NEW - DOLittle B3-L

The long turning version of the DOLittle now also enables the production of long and thin workpieces that were previously difficult to manufacture.

The strictly thermo-symmetrical design of the concept makes this machine extremely accurate to size, even over set-up interruptions. The exchange of the smallest tools is no longer a roulette game, but a standard set-up process. The concept allows bores of only a few 1/10 mm and IT3 fits to be produced economically, even in small and medium-size series.

AMB 2022 - NEW - DOLittle B6

The long awaited further development of the successful and highly precise DOLittle series is finally here.
The DOLittle B6 now also enables simultaneous machining on the main and counter spindle.
Additional highlights are the optional tailstock and the possibility of using up to 48 tools per turret in the smallest installation space.


Inhorgenta 2022 - we present our new machine mySaw

The machine mySaw offers space for 36 or 52 different tubes for sawing off the ring blanks. Thus, there is a plenty of space for the most diverse precious metal alloys with different tube dimensions.

The order data for mySaw machine is provided either automatically by an ERP system or also by a direct connection to a customer-supplied ring configurator. Manual data entry is of course also possible.

The unloading of the sawn ring blanks can done on bars, which can be inserted directly into the well-known Benzinger lathes GORing or DOLittle-TKR.